Known for her bold use of color, Kellye's paintings are a popular art collector's item. Her watercolor paintings are available as special edition lithographs, giclees and note cards.

Actress/California Watercolor Artist


Born on Oahu, Kellye Nakahara moved to San Francisco to establish herself as a professional artist, selling her watercolors of the San Francisco waterfront through the well-known Polk Gallery. Kellye married David Wallett and moved to Los Angeles where she began her career as an actress. Halfway through the first season of "M*A*S*H", she got the part of "Nurse Kellye", appearing in every episode of this 11 year series, with her roles getting bigger every season. View the MASH interview.
Production on this series came to an end in January of 1983 with a final episode that was viewed by over 25 million people. With the incredible success of "M*A*S*H" and continued re-runs worldwide, Kellye is in demand as a performer and for public appearances. She spent the next several years after "M*A*S*H" traveling the country appearing in TV commercials as a spokesperson for IBM.

Kellye's collection entitled "The Gardens of Pasadena", features historical landmarks, gardens and neighborhoods in Pasadena, California, and previewed at a special showing held at the Pacific Asia Museum in 1998, with over 800 in attendance. Selected pieces from her main collection were on a special exhibit held at Borders in Pasadena in 1999 with over 500 in attendance. Kellye's master paintings are on indefinite loan to the City of Pasadena making its "Pasadena Tour" and currently on exhibit at the Pasadena Police Department Headquarters during regular business hours.

Kellye and David are long-time residents of Pasadena. Kellye is active with the American Diabetes Foundation, and the Neighborhood USA Conference, promoting strong advocacy for neighborhoods either in crisis or on the periphery of areas that are. She and her husband also work with the Sunshine Kids program. Kellye and David have a daughter Nalani, son-in-law Lee and the twins David and William; and son William and daughter-in-law Tasha and their sons - Max and Grayson. Kellye also serves as an Arts Commissioner for the City of Pasadena.

imgspacerKellye painted and donated a special watercolor of the historic Fairfax High School auditorium in a citywide celebration of the school's 75th Diamond Jubilee.
Left: Storyteller Kellye reading to the kids (and adult fans) at the Fairfax Diamond Jubilee Celebration in the castle that Chris built.

Kellye was commissioned to paint the Maguire Gardens at the Central Library, which were made into invitations and lithographs for the New Jersey reception during the Democratic National Convention. Kellye is seen here with Senator Robert Torricelli in front of the original painting, now owned by Senator Torricelli.


Kellye's painting "KOI" was the name and logo inspiration behind a special 5K/10K run held during the Democratic National Convention in downtown Los Angeles. Images of her painting "Koi" were used on marketing materials and tee shirts.

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With actor Jeff Maxwell (Igor on M*A*S*H) holding a Giclee of Kellye's painting at her showing at Borders in Pasadena.

1998 Pacific Asia Museum Showing: Actor Mike Farrell, Kellye Nakahara Wallett, President of Pasadena Beautiful Foundation Nina Chomsky, Actor William Christopher and business partner Wendy Anderson.


Kellye was featured in the March, 2001 issue of Rafu Shimpo magazine. Written by Gwen Muranaka with photographs by Marlo G. Reyes.
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